Hobaho is specialized in the brokerage and auction of flower bulbs, tubers and perennials in the Dutch market. Hobaho does not export flower bulbs and is not the owner of the flower bulbs in the commercial process. We do have an extended network of producers and exporters with whom we work with. Its flower bulb producing customers are mainly based in The Netherlands and further abroad in France, Chile and New Zealand. Its buying customers are solely Dutch based flower bulb forcers and flower bulb exporters in dry-sales and flower bulb forcing abroad. The majority of sales is realised as long term transactions out of current or future planted acreage. From June to October instant daily requirement of flower bulbs are sold through our on line auction system, combined with a full logistical process.

For flowerbulb trade outside the Netherlands, please contact one of the bulb exporting companies in the Netherlands.

Machinery and equipment

Hobaho has an online marketplace for machinery, tools and materials, made available out of the industry due to replacement, surplus or business termination. Our valuators advice upon the price. This marketplace has customers all over Europe and operates in the full floricultural and agri business. Over 1.700 items are daily offered for sale: