About Hobaho

Hobaho is for almost 100 years specialized in the brokerage and auction of flower bulbs, tubers and perennials. Hobaho strives for optimal service whereby transparency and reliability are determining factors.

Hobaho is part of Dümmen Orange

An overview of our services:
  • Brokerage: Intermediaries bring daily supply and demand of flowerbulbs together; they also give advice and provide professional coaching relationships.
  • Growers Associations: coordination of partnerships such as growers associations including sales, administration and promotion.
  • Manage licenses: for rights-protected varieties including managing plant variety, measuring and arrange collection.
  • Breeding and testing: developing new varieties that meet the market demands of the future.
  • Auctioning: daily flowerbulb auctions during the summer season or in the fields
  • The supply and demand bank of Hobaho is an extended online commerce portal for the sale and purchase of all agricultural machinery and materials